Lynette RF Cowper (lcowper) wrote,
Lynette RF Cowper

Zombie Roses

So, way back on Feb 13 (the 14th being a Saturday), Megan brought home two long-stem roses and popped them in a vase with some water.

The vase was moved onto the windowsill where the roses got largely ignored and the flowers eventually dried up. Fast-forward to a week or more ago when I was cleaning up the area around the kitchen sink, including the windowsill and plucked the things out of the vase to toss in the compost...

Where I realised both stems were sprouting new leaf-buds. So, I added fresh water and put them back. They've continued on their merry zombie-like life and now sport actual leaves (albeit tiny at the moment). It also looks like the cut ends are bumpy, like roots are beginning to form, but I'm not sure.

I know roses, like other brambles, can tip-root. Anyone have any thoughts on whether these things would be viable if planted? It's still way cold here, so I'm going to have to plant them inside, I suspect, and then transplant once the weather is warmer. Is this crazy or workable? Anyone?
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