Lynette RF Cowper (lcowper) wrote,
Lynette RF Cowper

In Other News

Our kitty's missing. We have a stray that adopted us that we still have around, but Kismet disappeared the same day as Terra (the stray) ended up stuck up in a tree, where she spent 3 days before we managed to get her down. We have some suspicions that Terra's treeing and Kismet's disappearance may be related, like maybe a coyote. It's been nearly two weeks at this point, so we're pretty sure she's not coming back.

Ren's first day of school started out rather badly-- the bus stopped and turned around less than 50' from our house while Ren stood there at the end of the drive, all set to go, watching it. Apparently, even though we got a postcard from the school specifying what bus he was on and what time it would get there and so on, the bus driver didn't have him on his list. Not an auspicious start.

He got a haircut! He decided for his first day at a new school, he really didn't want to put up with "So, who's the new girl?" questions. He wasn't too sure about it till Megan dragged him into the bathroom and spiked it for him and now he loves it, especially when he realised it took, like, 30 seconds to comb out instead of 5 minutes on a good day. I'll have to take some "after" pictures and dig up some "before" shots.
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